Is your home wiring slowing your broadband?


Your internal wiring is a massive component of your broadband and could be the reason you are experiencing slow speeds, being a telecom engineer myself the amount of times I have visited a home and found the fault to be poor setup and wiring internally is very high as opposed to the fault being out in the network. Our homes used to be wired very different for telecoms to how they should be today in 2020, previously years ago broadband wasn’t even a factor so homes were just wired in for a standard PSTN telephone line and it didn’t really matter how many extensions or if they were star wired all over the home.

Nowadays this is a massive factor, the way I explain this to people who have a basic understanding of broadband is this: 

If you imagine water flowing down one pipe, the current is nice and powerful. Imagine this as the cable entering your home from outside.
Next imagine the water splits off and flows down multiple pipes and the water flow weakens dramatically. This is the equivilant of your broadband flowing in nice and strong with the signal down one cable but then splitting off down multiple extensions around the home where you then have your router plugged into one of these extensions? By the time the broadband gets to your router it has been massively diluted.
This is why we explain you should always try and plug your router into the master socket (this is where the cable feeding your broadband enters the property initially from outside). This then leaves the extensions available to use for your phones/landlines if required whilst keeping your broadband at its maximum strength.

If you feel like you have this issue in your home (star wiring) your probably wondering what you can do? Get in contact with us here and we can arrange and discuss a few options with you such as:

  • Moving the master socket so that you can then have your router wherever is best for you in your home/business.
  • Disconnecting any extension/star wiring causing broadband issues.
  • Updating your home setup.

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